Chip Seinfeld

Chip is a character I created when I was performing at HBO’s The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas in 2007. Jerry Seinfeld was the main attraction, so I wondered what it would be like if he had a degenerate, cocaine-addicted brother trying to ride his coattails. Then I met comedian Dax Jordan and we made a short little documentary about Chip. Then filmmaker Mike Newman ( took this silly little project to the next level and turned it into a feature film. We are first going to try the film festival route and if that doesn’t work then we will self-distribute it on DVD. It features interviews from over 40 hilarious comedians including Patton Oswalt, John Heffron, Michael Loftus, Nick Swardson, Wanda Sykes, Bobby Lee, Carrot Top, Tom Papa, Matt Braunger, Marc Maron, Natasha Leggero, Nick Griffin, Billy Gardell, Phil Palisoul, Morgan Murphy, Howard Kremer, Eddie Pepitone, Chris Fairbanks. Here are some videos to give you a taste of Chip’s character (some of this footage is in the movie, some of it is not):


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